Saturday, January 30, 2010

Having called in sick for the last 2 days because Izaac was sick and not working overtime today, I found myself caught up on household chores for once in the last 2 years and sitting at the computer. I was reading everyone's blogs in the family and it just came to me that I should update mine. Wow! Anyway, I love everyone and your blogs. Funny and Beautiful.
Weazleone (Randy) just found out Wal-mart is letting go a major portion of their district market managers. This is the job he interviewed for last year that they told him his interview was terrible and the memory of this terrible interview lasted into the interview for co-manager which he also didn't get. If he had interviewed well and been promoted he would have been laid off at this very moment. So we are grateful that the Lord answered our prayers with "no". He is also working days now. Yay! 3 days on and 3 days off.
That's all the news for now. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before I update again.