Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, I got a new promotion at my job. YAY!!!! My first day on the job consisted of traveling to Philadelphia all by myself. This was my first time traveling by myself at the airport. The plane was just about ready to land in Philly when it took off again. A little scary but the pilot said there was another plane on the runway. It was also my first cab ride in Philadelphia. And yes English was the driver's second language. My first check in at a skyscraper hotel. I am on the 26th floor and my view is amazing. I will try and post pictures when I get home. I have also been part of the record breaking snow storm. They shut down the Federal Building so my 3 day meeting turned into a 1 day meeting and a 2 day party in the hotel with my co-workers. This kind of snow storm although inconvenient in Utah, would not shut down the city but here in the east where they only get an average of 12 inches a year, 60 inches in one week is dangerous. I went to Mass for the first time ever in the St. Basilicas church across the street in the middle of the storm because my co-worker invited me. Very beautiful and interesting. Half my team have the New York accents, at least the most talkative ones did! We also have a Southern Baptist from Texas, a Utah Goth Girl, a second Mormon from Hooper, and East Indian from NY and a Catholic from NY. So many interesting and nice people. I have had a blast. My boss seems very nice. Everyone is nice. I am on the Hotel's complimentary computer right now with a 20 minute limit so I have to go. See everyone later!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Having called in sick for the last 2 days because Izaac was sick and not working overtime today, I found myself caught up on household chores for once in the last 2 years and sitting at the computer. I was reading everyone's blogs in the family and it just came to me that I should update mine. Wow! Anyway, I love everyone and your blogs. Funny and Beautiful.
Weazleone (Randy) just found out Wal-mart is letting go a major portion of their district market managers. This is the job he interviewed for last year that they told him his interview was terrible and the memory of this terrible interview lasted into the interview for co-manager which he also didn't get. If he had interviewed well and been promoted he would have been laid off at this very moment. So we are grateful that the Lord answered our prayers with "no". He is also working days now. Yay! 3 days on and 3 days off.
That's all the news for now. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before I update again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What to Blog When You Are Blogging

The blogging guide that reassuringly answers the concerns of bloggers to be from the planning stage through postblogging, in a clear, comprehensive format.

Chapter 1: Are you a blogger?
You can have all the signs and symptoms of being blogged but still not be a blogger. One of the classic symptoms of this condition is visiting all your friends and family's blogspots but still not have one of your own.
What you may be feeling during this stage: The pressure from the afore mentioned friends and family to "get your own blog". It's cool and fun they say. Do not be concerned. You will have a blog in your own time and place. You will know when that quiet moment comes as you sit down at the computer after calling in sick to work and you realize all of your favorite websites are getting old and you conquered Civ III more times than you can count and you ask yourself, "What ELSE can I do on the computer?" When that moment arrives you will know. "I will start a blog!"

Chapter 2: What you may be concerned about.
You may be concerned about what other people will think of your brand new blog spot. Since this is a highly personal and individualized extension of your own inner most self, what others opinions are of it may cause you to be concerned. Since the only people who are looking at your Blog are people who already love and admire your inner most self, they will love and admire your Blog. So do not be concerned. They already know all your faults and bad habits so a Blog will not surprise them. And if it does, they will love you all the more and keep coming back for more surprises.